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Thread: Need help connecting a printer over the network

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    Need help connecting a printer over the network


    Need help on setting up a printer over the network.
    I have CableModem with Built-in wireless internet router (Motorola SBG900).
    From this Modem (Motorola SBG900) there is only one Ethernet port which I am using to connect to a VOIP device (from company Allvoi). The VOIP also has LAN Ethernet port which I have connected to a printer with Ethernet port.
    The IPs that come out of the Wireless Modem (Motorola SBG900) are in the range of 192.168.0.x and the IPs that come out of VOIP device are in the range of 192.168.123.x. Printer has picked up the IP and my laptop that connects to the internet with Motorola SBG900 has IP

    If any one can help me guide on how to connect to the printer from my laptop ( to Network printer ( would be very much appreciated.


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    your quickest/simplest fix without any tinkering is likely to add a little switch between your motorola box and the voip box so you can plug it in to the same subnet.

    I dont know your devices - I am guessing your voice-box may be doing NAT as well, so if it has an option to be a bridge you can make it be on the same subnet, or as a plain router (no NAT), and fixed ip you can add a route (the ip of the voip box) for the printer...
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