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  • GT500 super-Snake | 750hp | $85,000 | 0-60 in 4.1

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  • Corvette ZR1 | 640hp | $100,000 | 0-60 in 3.3

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Thread: Quick, What Has 750 Horsepower and Goes Faster Than Stink?

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    Quick, What Has 750 Horsepower and Goes Faster Than Stink?

    Ford Shelby GT500 Super-Snake

    This beast of car is an upgraded more forced induction model of the already insane GT500. The numbers are enough to make any car lover get excited, but as you sense from reading the article sometimes adding more horsepower doesn't necessarily create a better car. Although faster than the base GT500 it doesnt really pull away until traction comes back which is somewhere around 70Mph.

    Impressive? Absolutely. Any street legal production car within striking distance of an 11-second quarter mile is impressive, but the Super Snake's glorious excess power from its massaged 5.4-liter supercharged V-8 might also be its biggest flaw.

    So say the handling numbers. With a lateral acceleration of 0.92 g and a figure 8 time of 25.7 sec at 0.72 g, the Super Snake is a solid performer. Problem is it slots in behind the GT500 in both categories (0.96 g, 25.1 sec at 0.81 g). In fact, a regular track pack-equipped Mustang GT (0.95 g, 25.5 sec at 0.70 g) gets around our cones quicker.
    I hope to see some side by side comparisons with the corvette ZR1 soon! Myself being a Chevy guy this no holds bar strategy by Ford is winning me over a bit. Always dreamed of a day when an all American manufacturer could mass produce an exotic import killer.

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    "keep smoking the tires most of the way through 3rd gear"....heh.

    One summer I had use of a rare early 70's model Camaro, a racing edition...but still street legal. It could burn through all of first, all of second..and a good portion of 3rd gear. Even driving down the highway at 65mph...rev 'n drop clutch and it would still leave a nice pair of long burnouts.

    I am digging many of the new Mustang versions. Actually all of the car makers are putting out some good "retro" muscle cars now...I do have an exceptional fondness for the new Challenger.

    Hard to compare the 'Vette against the Mustang...fairly different classes of cars. The 'Vette is really the American "exotic killer". Mustang is a bit more everyday car...even though some have heavily massaged stables under the hood.
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    I like the Mustang, but for 85 grand I would want an 85 grand car. Not a 30 grand car with mods.

    Theres no comparison to the vette.

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    All I can say is I want. Sure I can get faster and smoother but I want the Snake.
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