Well not sure if anyone has played Too Human before or wanted to try it out but it's on Ebay right now for very cheap. As much as a rental I think. Well at least out here where they're like nearly 11 dollars.

In any case here's the link: Brand new Too Human For Xbox 360. (8.50 USD + Shipping.)

Figured I'd try and pass the deal along. I bought 2 for the price of 1 used copy over at Gamestop. I bought 2 copies to play Co-op with my bro online as soon as his xbox 360 comes back from repairs. They cost me 25.26 USD total but that's with 3.50 shipping insurance for bother so if I didn't get shipping insurance I would've paid 21.76 USD. Can never be too careful I guess.

Anyway it's only available for those in US and Canada. They're brand new. It doesn't come in shrink wrap but it's brand new/perfect condition. I wouldn't post the link if it weren't trust worthy. I just got mine today.