I was screwing around on my computer, trying to increase my dialup connection speed. I experimented and came up with this, which gives me a huge dialup speed...

Okaly...i tweaked my modem settings...here's how...
1. Go to Phone and modem options in the control panel
2. click the "Modems" tab
3. click your modem and then the "Properties" tab
4. Click the "Advanced" tab
5. Yay! Now for the good part. Where it says "Extra Initialization commands:" you type in "AT&FX" (hopefully without the quotes...)
6. Disconnect your dialup connection. Then dial in again.


normally my connection is 26.4 kbps. This is what your new speed will be:
(it varies on your maximum port speed)

with my port speed at 115200, i got it to dial in at a whopping 921.6 kbps.

is there ANYTHING i can do to make this ungodly dialup bandwidth of any use to me? or can the phone line simply not handle it? I would LOVE to be able to harness this (looks to be) awesome dialup speed! PLEASE help....i need this! i can't get dsl...lol.