I'm currently trying to get a networking sirvice fit to run my psp and hopefully newcoming ps3 into service here but along with no service they suggest t-mobile but it seems i may need to go to wireless hotspots for that and I like the comfort of my own home..or at least the place I live with the others so that leaves me with trying to get up through broad band but the problem with that is I may need another outlet which means distuction to the wall for a mesely little outlet, sounds simple but the landlord won't alow do to it being and "brand new house" ah yes the simplist of distructions...what a waste tiny damage that means so much to those who own them, so now i gotta figure out whether i can get t'mobile mobile in my home or if there's a route around that by connecting it broadband to my cable box, i dunno suggestions?questions?.....concerns? I just want to get up and running first