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Thread: wireless lan usb adapter stops XP working

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    wireless lan usb adapter stops XP working

    When I installed drivers for my purcahsed wireless lan usb adapter (tweex 54mbps) it breaks down the whole XP OS! scvhost is constantly running at ~90% CPU usage, so I cant even try and use network connections since it stops responding.

    Sometimes when I boot PC without the adapter plugged in the problem is solved, but returns as soon as I plug it in. I tried using it on a vista laptop even though its for XP and oddly it worked fine and did not cause this wierd issue.

    Have absolutely no idea what to try to fix this. sent a support thing on thier website but thought I should post here since in the past people have always helped me out better on forums.

    thanks for any help!


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    Did you check widnows update ,and or the manufacture's webiste for updated drivers? Also do you have sp3 installed on the xp machine?
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    My experience with svhost issues are due to either spyware/viruses or it is the computer checking for updates(on a slower PC).

    Try and disable windows updates or plug the PC into the LAN port and download the updates and try again.
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