I NEED some help here. This is to all the networking wizards out there. It happends pretty frequently now. I lag out of games and parties but do not get disconnected from Xbox Live. I used to get flooded offline all the time back when it was a top priority for cheaters on XBL (Especially Halo 3) and ever since I've had these troubles on and off again. I sought advice through an actual booter to see if the problem could be diagnosed from the cheating end. He claimed that I had been 'botted' and was being used to flood others offline and with that said...making my packet transfer diminish thus resulting in me dropping from games. He also said the way to fix this is to change or spoof the MAC address (since my physical IP cannot be changed because I am dynamic) of the router OR use a different router. Currently I have two, a TRENDnet one and a LINKSYS router both of which I have switched mutlipale times and still get the problem. Before anyone starts ripping into this...I don't believe it is my connect as for I am running off Cable. Not the best, but surely not the worst. I've also spoofed my MAC address multiple times and still nothing. So what in the hell can I do to fix this?