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Thread: Copy the latest file to a network server directory using a Batch file

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    Copy the latest file to a network server directory using a Batch file

    Can someone help why the code below does not work? I am trying to copy the latest file to move to a network server. I keep getting a invalid parameter. I am trying test the code in a batch file to see if works or not to move the code in a SQL server job to run to get my backup file copy to a network server.

    echo off
    FOR /F "tokens=1-4 delims=/ " %%I IN ('DATE /t') DO SET mydate=%%I%%J%%K%%L
    xcopy "E:\backup\*.bak" "\\Test_server\E$\Test_backp\*.bak" /D:%mydate%
    echo %mydate%

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    Look here:

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    Finding the latest file and copying

    Take a look the script latest.txt posted at toward the bottom of the page. You can use that script to find the latest file, then use the system copy command to copy the file.


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