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Thread: Setting up a WNDR3300 as a wireless bridge - help!

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    Setting up a WNDR3300 as a wireless bridge - help!

    So here's how my situation is set up. I live on the bottom floor of a 3 story house, low and behold the modem and primary wireless router are in the top floor, opposite side of the building. We went and bought a WNDR3300 as it was the only one that said it would work as a bridge in Walmart.

    So now there's no documentation for this thing other than the PDF on the disc which mentions nothing of setting it up as a bridge, the gist I got from forums around the internet is I might need a firmware update to even access that function, but I have no idea. I've never set one of these up before.

    The top floor router is a Belkin F5D7231-4.

    I'm kind of a nub, so step by step directions would be much appreciated if possible.

    Thank you.

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    This can easily be done by flashing with DD WRT firmware and then configuring the bridge or Repeater. The WNDR3300 supports DD WRT out of the box, but flash at your own risk. It is great because it is an 802.11n dual band router, but the 5Ghz range is very poor through walls.

    Wireless Ethernet Bridge

    Repeater Bridge

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    Can you run a cat5 from the Belkin to another floor? If so, setup the WNDR3300 solely as an access point and switch:

    1. connect WNDR3300 to your comp by cat5, LAN port to ethernet port on comp.
    2. access WNDR3300 control panel via web browser.
    3. in control panel set IP address to 1 number higher than the IP of the Belkin. Disable DHCP. Set gateway to IP address of Belkin. Name SSID to something different than Belkin SSID. Save settings.
    4. move WNDR3300 to floor above you.
    5. run cat5 from Belkin LAN port to WNDR3300 LAN port.
    6. connect to WNDR3300 wirelessly.

    In essence, you are creating a second WLAN on the same single LAN.

    If cannot connect then move WNDR3300 closer to you.
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