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Thread: Anybody got ATT Uverse?

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    Anybody got ATT Uverse?

    Good bad? I am thinking of using their phone and internet service. Their tv is too expensive.
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    I've had uverse since just before thanksgiving. With the basic package, we're paying 90 bucks a month. We had a few problems with it at first because they had splices in the main line at the pole, but once they took those off and replaced the main drop, no problems what so ever
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    I've had ATT Uverse for about 6 months and it works fine (internet) only.. 18/1.5..the upload averages about .90, a little over 50% , not quiet in the ballpark but dont upload anything except email.... download 15.5/16.0 , streams movies great and YouTube. Magicjack works perfect on the VoIP side.. paying 39.95 (promo) for a year, then it goes to 53.00 dollars. look for Promos and save a bundle, (at least for the first year). speaking of bundles..bundles can build up fast in the (wallet) department, so make sure you have all the prices, plus taxes and addons before you buy. The tech and customer Departments at ATT were very courteous when i needed them, and they speak English in a way that's not confusing. by the way..the promo you can drop at anytime without obligation, there isn't any contract and NO CAPS where I live. good luck.

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    I'm interested also. My 2 year contract with TWC is up next month, so I'm shopping now. Uverse for me is only $2 cheaper then my currect cable package.
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    I love it! I don't use their phones, but I use their TV and internet. We have 6x TVs in the house, and I have the 18 meg internet package..and I get all of it.
    Beautiful TV pictures. Had it for nearly 2 years...I can't remember any outage, even during the big storm Irene...when we lost power for days, our U-Verse remained up from the first day.
    It isn't the cheapest out there....we pay around 190something/month for our setup...but it works well.

    The local cable providor, Metrocast, I can't stand....frequent outages, slow internet packages, pricey for horrible service. I wish Comcast were in my area....else it would be a close call as to U-Verse..or Comcast. But I have nothing but good things to say about U-Verse. I have not had to call their support yet for anything.....if I did, that may change my I've had to deal with AT&T with clients and I can't stand it.

    The "gateway" that they give you is poor as a router (performance wise) and wireless...but you can easily use your own router behind it and set the AT&T gateway to hand your own router the public IP address. (DMZ Plus Mode).
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