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Thread: What is like a good virtual game that is like world of war craft but free?

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    What is like a good virtual game that is like world of war craft but free?

    Ok i'm looking for a game or a virtual world like world of war craft, or something else that is similar to second life... something that is fun an exciting... but to be free... can some one help ?

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    Runescape might become a popular answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YARDofSTUF View Post
    Runescape might become a popular answer.
    Sadly this is true.
    Don't t hink there's many other options.
    Oh actually there's 4story I hear and a game I used to play which is Runes of Magic. Though it has a crap load of updates. It's like almost daily updates. Hard to keep up sometimes.
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    I was going to say Runescape but someone beat me to it.

    Runescape is a great game (considering it's free) but there are a lot of Runescape haters just like there are a lot of WoW haters. There are quite a few downsides to Runescape and I'll try and list a couple. In order to progress it is even more repetitive than WoW. The quests are extremely obnoxious and nearly impossible at times. Leveling up is a lot more confusing than in WoW. The world map doesn't make much sense. You will be wandering around in a level 5 area and all of a sudden you are fighting level 20 monsters? It just doesn't make sense. Also, I hope you don't mind Lego graphics and terrible animation.

    Like I said, I am just listing the negatives and there are a few good things about Runescape as well.

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    Just use a private server for WoW. I play on a server called MoltenWow. Its not like the other private servers that you start at 80. It feels like the real experience with all the quests still there.

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    Try AIKA
    Korean MMO...mildy amusing

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    maybe cronus online... a friend of mine likes it a lot.
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    lord of the rings online is free now. You could try that out.

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