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Thread: Speedtest seems fast--wireless slow

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    Speedtest seems fast--wireless slow

    We recently rearranged our living room and I was forced to move my desktop away from the Coax connection.

    My girlfriend also just got a laptop.

    So, I figured the smartest thing to do was to set up a wireless network.

    So now, my desktop is connected to the internet via NETGEAR WG111v3 Wireless - G USB 2.0 adapter and NETGEAR WGR614 Wireless- G- Router.

    I am on Cox broadband. I am using Windows XP, IE 7 and internet was always been quick when wired.

    The new USB wireless is only 15 feet across the room with a clear line of sight. My network connection speed shows 54 Mbps with excellent signal strength running at 96%.

    My girl's Mac Book runs great.

    My desktop runs like crap. Page loading is slow. Streaming video is jerky. Streaming music is problematic.

    The router has it's own firewall, so on the Netgear help forum's advice, I disabled the Windows firewall.

    On the advice of another forum, I tried TCP Optimizer and things improved very slightly.

    My average speeds, as tested by are:

    Download--12.6 Mb/sec
    Upload--4.51 Mb/sec

    I know very little, but that seems fairly quick to me.

    So how come my pages are still loading slowly and I am still having problems with streaming audio and video?

    One of my favorite sites is can listen to programmed radio. I never had any problem when I was connected directly. Now, pages take forever to refresh and/or reload and change, and I get more errors than I get music.

    Certain other pages take forever to load. I have tried Firefox and Opera and still slow.

    Yet speedtest is pretty fast.

    What can possibly be happening???

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    in my experience with the netgear wg111v3 i never liked the adapter to much. it always got hot and the speed it gave was less than preffered. i recommend returning the usb adapter and trading it in for a wireless pci adapter. i am currently using a NETGEAR
    WPN311 wireless pci adapter and im quite happy with the results. my guess is the adapter is your problem. and after 1 year of using mine (not even that often) the adapter actually burnt out. it got hot enough to fry itself inside.
    hope this helps

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