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Thread: XP wireless client from old to new access point?

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    Question XP wireless client from old to new access point?

    All users use the XP client to connect to our wireless access point. Id like to get a new one with N support is there is an easy way not to connect every laptop over again? I can make the new one same name/access key/protocol just like the old one.

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    80211n is useless UNLESS ALL clients are using 80211n adapters.
    When a 80211b or 80211g client connects, the access point will auto drop down from n mode to the lesser mode and stay there for all users until the b or g client disconnects.
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    I would think that should work, thats all I did when I upgraded my wireless router.
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    You can make the same SSID and security phrase...depending on the router/access point, clients will automatically connect like before. I have seen cases where the laptops will require you to run through the wireless connection utility and re-enter the security key..even though it was exactly the same.

    Although clients may connect at G only...another benefit of going to todays newer N routers is increased range, and more horsepower to handle all the clients and keep the speeds up.
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