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Thread: Setting up a network in Afghanistan

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    Setting up a network in Afghanistan

    Hi there,
    I am a soldier and I am headed back to Afghanistan for the second time. This time we are going to a newer more remote base and I think I will need to setup our own non military network for our personal computers.

    If we cannot get internet through the military for our personal computers we will be buying our own dish and setting it up that way.

    my platoon only has about 25 indaviduals so i am looking at a way of networking all of us to our internet. I also plan on setting up a NAS on the network for file sharing.

    I have read this thread and there are alot of good ideas there for hardware. Do you recomend them for my application? If not what would you recomand. And second any isp's that you guys have experiance that you recomand working with? and how much bandwith do you think we will need for 20-25 people?


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    Oh wow. Well this is a bit fragile topic. Ive been there for a while with my Marine friends and it was a pain in the butt. First of all, there is no average ISP there and by no means you will get descent connectivity even for 1 user. You definitely are going to use IPVS like we did. It was 256kbps uplink and 512mbps downlink. For about 25 users, you definitely need to cache content else your link will clog down dramatically and it will be like hell to manage .

    The Govt there claims that they give you leased ISDN line 128kbps but never use that. They sniff any kind of internet traffic that you use might have. Never! Never use their ISP. Use your own IPVS. is OK but try not to use their internet links if possible. If your superiors still want to go ahead with local providers there then take couple of firewalls with you cuz you aint finding anything there. Switches too

    Ive been there so i know how it is.

    Take normal desktop switches with extra power adapters as voltage fluctuations occur real bad and blow your power supplies. Voltage there used to jump from 220v to 300+v AC. Yeah its 220V there not 110v . If you need help more detailed help then drop me a message.

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