For those user of BEFSR41,
Users of the BEFSR41 have requested several time to linksys that they would like to see a access log on the linksys BEFSR41 DSL/Cable router well they heard and they did it is really cool and very detailit. It is a beta firmware and i acualy experience some difficulties at first
but I manege to fix it....
the difficulties i encounter were:
1-it tokme an hour to mange the upgrade
2-when i upgrade it change completely the IP configuration.
EX: first I was 192.168.xx.1 and my other 6 computers 192.168.xx.2 and so on.... then when i upgrade was all back words i was the last ip and the last ip was the created a conflict between pc.."manege to get around"
2-crashe the main server several time
3-The DHCP client tab dose not detect the mac address i actually have to boot up several time until it detected.
I am still testing the firmware ill let how i goes when finish!!!
Mean while i strongly suggest that only advance users upgrade to that firmware.
The Reason is that is been really complicated every time i shutdown and come back up it gives me a new bug.
v1.30.5 beta
The last version was 1.30-->no longer beta now is suported by linksys