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Thread: How to reset registry settings to default?

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    How to reset registry settings to default?

    I did the Vista patch ( and after following the steps of how to change your registry values for better results, i've noticed that my download speeds are terrible now and i want to return my registry settings back to default. I just want it to be the way they originally were before i did these tweaks. Anyone know how?

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    Do a tracert and post.
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    SG Vista TCP/IP Patch - automatic optimization

    For user convenience, we also provide a quick way to apply all optimal values as recommended above using our SG Vista TCP/IP Patch. It allows for tweaking all the above netsh settings and registry values in one simple step (with the exception of the "gaming tweak" section). The patch also provides for easily reverting the settings to their Windows default values. To apply, save to your desktop and run as administrator (right-click -> run as administrator). Click Y when prompted to apply settings.
    To apply default setting :
    - SG_Vista_TcpIp_patch.cmd -> right-click -> run as administrator
    - Type "d" when prompted to apply settings

    ECHO Type "y" to optimize Vista TCP/IP settings
    ECHO Type "q" to disable QoS reserved bandwidth
    ECHO Type "d" to revert to Vista default values
    ECHO Type "n" to cancell patch and exit

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