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Thread: Land of the Lost (1974)

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    Land of the Lost (1974)

    I just recently got into this series, the original one, from the 70's. I didn't even know it existed before now, seeing as how I was born in '79.

    When I was a kid, I remember watching the remake in 1991, so that is what I grew up on, I didn't know it was a remake then, but know now.

    Due to the new movie that is out now, SCIFI ran a marathon on TV a couple weeks back, showing all of the old 1974 series. I caught most of that and was instantly hooked. So I went to Hulu and they have the entire first season of Land of the Lost (1974) up there, so I watched each episode, then I got a hold of Season 2 and 3 as well and am almost done with the last season now.

    I just have to say, wow, I am hooked, I know the effects and acting is cheesy and corny to today's standards, but that is what makes it fun! For a Saturday Morning TV show the SCIFI aspects in it are pretty heady! I mean, the episode "Circle" alone, at the end of Season 1 is a classic SCIFI paradox! I am amazed at how "SCIFI" it all really is. There were some neat stories, and for kids, some great time travel/multi-universe type stuff that makes you think. I love the family dynamic as well.

    The mythology is also pretty neat, about how a civilization can de-evolve, and the mysteries about who actually built the place, was it the Altrusians, or was it the Builder's race, who appear humanoid? Was The Land of the Lost actually constructed, i.e., built, with a giant heart/power source at its center by this race of Builders? So many unanswered questions, so much mystery and mythology there actually.

    Short lived series, but pretty neat as far as Saturday Morning TV programs go. The new 2009 movie may suck, but the original Land of the Lost rocks.
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    Yeah I can remember that series..used to watch it a bit back then, wasn't huge into it. Can't see myself watching it now though.
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