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Thread: External FTP connection Errors with NAT

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    Question External FTP connection Errors with NAT

    Whenever I try and connect to a FTP server on the outside world I always get errors when recieving the dir structure of the server.
    Ive gotten error 426 on a dir read, and tonight I get a error 500 PORT error that it is flagging on my personal machine inside my lan here. I am using ICS. Also a friend of mine has a linksys router for his setup and he also is getting errors like these.
    What port settings have to be modified in order to sucessfully connect to a FTP server on the outside?

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    Try using passive ftp mode.

    You can enable this in cuteftp 4.x by going to edit, settings, firewall, and clicking pasv and perhaps enable firewall access (try this if just clicking pasv doesn't work)

    Next do a quick connect to a ftp site.

    You can also enable pasv mode on sites stored in the site manager by clicking "edit" and ensuring that "use pasv mode" is checked.

    If you use another ftp software solution read the manual to determine if passive mode can be enabled, if not you can download cuteftp at or


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