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Thread: Ad servers & IDS/firewalls

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    Question Ad servers & IDS/firewalls

    (this may/may not be OT)

    I have noticed that IE5 slows and churns for an extended period on pages (including SpeedGuide's) while displaying links to ad servers (ads.*, *, etc.). Sometimes the page never fully loads - just continues to flash the adserver address in the IE status bar. I manually stop almost all page loads to stop the activity.

    Is this by any chance related to stealthing ports from my IDS/firewall? Any other ideas?

    I have checked for spyware/adware with OptOut.


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    Nope those note have to do with your firewall
    is the firewall hwo dont let te adware get to your pc.. Evry time you surf the internet thers these site that dadicete there self to fallow your conection to get more info from you like what you like and so sososos........They are call THE PRAYNG EYE..
    So when these rally good fire wall do their job some time that happen....Not like these othere I rether not say the progs....SAD BUT TRUE......


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    I reloaded my ad blocking software and this is no longer a prob.

    I also found sites describing how to manually edit your hosts files to block sites. details how to "keep your computer from even talking to the ad servers, and thus you won't see the ads, they can't put cookies on your hard drive, and you can't be profiled by them." Also talks about speeding page displays. I believe ad blocker software accomplishes the same thing, but with less effort albeit less control.

    Still don't get *why* the ad servers prevent my browser from *completing* page downloads. Any insight would be appreciated, or reference to related sites.


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