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    Hi guys, haven't posted in quite a while but i just downloaded an installed the ZoneAlarm software a few days ago and liked it at first, better than my black ice, but soon hated it, it interferred with my mfc file transfer programs, such as cutemx and my ping was horrible in gaming when i used it, anyone else have any similar experience, also when i first started using it, it added the programs onto it's programs list, i unistalled, deleted the reg lines that it left and when i reinstalled the programs would not show up anymore and the pop ups where gone, i could not setup which programs i wanted it to allow to create server and act as server....weird.


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    ok 31337|-|/\}{04, maybe you could use a few sentences instead of the one sentence i mean it just runs on and on and on and on and on without any slowdown or a chance to breathe for that matter do you see my point here it just runs on at a ridiculous length and seems like it'll never stop....weird.


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