i run a small LAN that has public ip's on the different computers. i have set up the security precautions to log all attempts to gain access to my computer by an outside internet based source.
the issue (not really a problem at this juncture) is that there is one source in particular that has been repeatedly making access attempts. ARIN has given me the name and source of the various ip's making these attempts. just for arguement's sake, the source is

Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6695

i have made calls to this organization as to the nature of their attempts, and have had to leave voicemails for a guy named "Bill". as of yet there have been no responses from him.

is there a way to make this sort of thing stop (one or two attempts are normal, i'm sure due to the existance of "web crawlers" and such, but i think over the past week alone i have logged about 50 different instances for the above mentioned source. that makes me a little nervous. they are making attempts using a variety of ip adresses, protocols and ports). i have asked "Bill" in my voicemails to cease, but i would like to also know what their intent is as well.

any input from anyone?

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