I visited a friend this past Sunday. I don't have cable television
but he does, so we talked for awhile and then he turned-on the set.
Flip. Flip. Flip. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. 70 channels and
nothing worth watching. Eventually we stopped on a John Travolta
movie, but not for long since we both had seen it multiple times, and
we both agreed it was crap. Flip. Flip. Flip.

I've come to the conclusion that cable tv, like insurance, is a giant
scam to get people to waste their hard-earned money to get almost
nothing in return.

Contrast that with over-the-air TV where I get around 25 channels and
hundreds of shows at no cost. Much better deal in my humble opinion,
and for those few shows I don't get to see (like Battlestar Galactica)
I can rent on DVD for cheap. I'm glad I don't waste over 700 dollars
a year on cable.