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Thread: Slow file transfer over gigabit ethernet

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    Slow file transfer over gigabit ethernet


    I've always had this problem on my home network with low file transfer speeds. Transferring a file between two computers with gigabit ethernet cards through a gigabit ethernet router (D-Link DIR-655) takes about 20 minutes for a 4,5 gig file (or many smaller files equalling the same total size). This translates as far as I can calculate a 30 Mbit/sec (yes, Megabit, NOT MegaByte, which would be a lot more decent) transfer rate. I would think that a gigabit connection should be able to at least 10 or 15-double that speed.

    If I disconnect the cable from one of the computers and uses its wireless N connection, the speed is about the same. It was also the same using my old 100 Mbit router and a different computer with a 100 Mbit NIC.

    I've tried the usual registry tweaks I can find at sites like this one, disabling firewall and antivirus software, hooking up the pcs directly bypassing the router, everything! Also which HDD I copy the files to/from (internal SATA, ESATA, USB2) has no effect on the speed. Transferring a file between two USB2-connected drives is about 4 times faster. I use Windows Explorer to copy (drag & drop) the files.

    I don't understand this at all. Surely, Windows XP Pro should be able to transfer a file faster than 30 Mbit/sec over ethernet!!! Please someone give me a clue what's wrong...


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    I haven't used gigabyte ethernet cards before but this sounds like the same problem I have with my crossover connection. Try disabling the wireless connection on the computers. The problem I've found was that Windows transfers files through the wireless connection by default.

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    Its the Explorer looks like. Get a FTP client and use pasv ( default usually ) . I'd say use FileZilla ( free ) . I had that issue once and was resolved using a 3rd party FTP client

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