From browsing the postings yesterday, I'm hoping one (or more) of the group
has the answer I'm looking for.

Present setup is as follows:

Have two desktop pc's setup in a LAN (wired) using a Linksys "Printserver
for USB" (model #PSUS4).
Purpose of the network was to enable either PC access to the printer without
the 2nd PC being powered up. (Hence the print server) I purchased Linksys
LAN cards for both Desktops (LNE100TX ver 5.1) for this setup.

Both PC's have independent access to internet thru dialup connection (i.e..
do NOT share internet).

We (a retired couple) are considering switching to Comcast Broadband. Our
use of the internet is mostly recreational, but doing updates for Microsoft,
virus software, etc, is taking forever with the dialup connection.

Questions I have:
1. Does Comcast provide an external cable modem and necessary router
(switch) for hooking up to three pc's ? (Also have a laptop).

2. What would be necessary to still share the printer without the other
PC's on the network being powered up?
Would a 4th feed from the modem be required to go to the Linksys
Printserver? All PC's have an available RJ-45 motherboard connection.

I just now looked in manual for motherboard and discovered an RJ-45 port on
board. Could this could be used for an internet feed from a router (switch)
and not interfere with existing printserver network?

I apologize for the confusion, but have tried to provide information
relevant to the situation.

Thanks in advance,