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Thread: Background for Philip

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    Cool Background for Philip


    What is the background to this site. How long has it been up? What made you want to create it?

    Is this site a hobby for you, or is it a job used as an income source via the ads. Philip what is your background in computers.

    Considering this is my most frequently viewed website I decided I would finally ask those questions that were in the back of my head.


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    Thanks for speedy response on the background info.

    Well it seems to me that you have yourself a complete success in the making. This is one of the best internet connectivity sites out there. I'm glad to be part of it.

    Good Show!

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    I started the site in early 98 when I got to be the first Cable modem beta tester in my neighborhood. Back then, the site was the only Cable Modem "tweaking" resource on the Net. It was cool, being the only one on my subnet... Anyway, the original site was (and still is) at . In May 99 I moved the site to , where I get some help from a couple of friends (one of them is Sr. Software Engineer at Lucent). The site is officially owned by US Interconn, Inc. - we had to do that from a Legal standpoint, it's easier to deal with Copyright infridgement, advertizers, and large corporations in general, such as Ramp Networks, Nortel, ZyXEL and so on.

    My background in computers... I was born in 71, I've been dealing with computers since 85, for 14 years. I currently have 4 PCs at my place (my wife sometimes uses one of them), both DSL and Cable Modem conectivity, I've built 100s of systems, I've done PC and network consulting, as well as some Ada, C and Perl/CGI programming. Other than that, I have a Computer Science degree from Univ. of So. Florida.

    The site started as a hoby in early 98, I wanted to get the most out of my Cable Modem connection and had the time to research. We've moved to a dedicated server this fall, since our old provider couldn't handle the traffic - serves 400K/500K pageviews per month.

    Let's just say the site is slowly turning from a hoby to a business, although it's not my primary source of income yet. It does generate some revenue, however if I add all my expenses, such as PC upgrades(I run 4 PCs), the dedicated server ($280/month), Internet connections at my place (both Cable & SDSL), little will be left to justify my time in the equation ...

    Regardless of the revenue, we plan on supporting and expanding the site. I like sharing my experience and being able to help people, I try to answer all 20 daily emails and will add a section on Win2K tweaking soon . I guess the real drive is all the positive feedback we get from users (I got about 5000 emails in 1999), as well as the positive reviews/comments in some magazines.

    Thanks to all our users and I hope I didn't bore anyone to death.

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