I am not sure if this is the right spot to ask this question but here it goes. I have a slingbox at home and am trying to increase the streaming rate. Currently the MAX it with stream at is 1mb/s but that is rare. Most of the time it varies between 500-800 kbs. I plan on buying the HD Slingbox so i need to get this number up to at least 1.5 mbs. This happends anywhere i go and from any computer so the problem definately lies at my home.

At home I have a Scientific American dpc1200 cable modem which i have never to my knowledge updated the firmware (actually am very confused as to how to do this if i need to). Connected to that is an airport extream which broadcasts wirelessly to the rest of the house. I have my slingbox connected to a airport express.

The weird part is when I do an upload test from that same express i get at least 6mbs yet when i use slingbox i am only streaming around (as stated above) 650mbs.