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Thread: Need to Unplug to login to the network

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    Need to Unplug to login to the network

    Hi All;

    we have a setup of 50 computers in our office,Lan connecting through a Cisco 1900 switches and other switch's(its like a mess topology).we do have a domain which serves through the windows 2003 server( small business server)

    The Problem we are facing with the some users " They have to remove the Network cable before login in to their account on the server. with cable plugged into the lan card its gives error "unbale to login to the network"

    Could some one plz give some inputs to tackle this kind of problem(those might have gone through this kind of problem before) will be highly appriciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Are the workstations using the IP address of the SBS box as their one and only DNS server?

    Are the workstations using an operating system that properly supports logging into a domain, such as Windows XP Pro, instead of Windows XP Homeless?

    Was the server ever rebuilt/reinstalled at one point? It sounds like the computer accounts are "stale".

    Are the workstation logging into the domain, not a local login?
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    It seems like one or more switches is acting up. Could it be a collision ???

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