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Thread: FreeNAS and IPCop problems, please help

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    FreeNAS and IPCop problems, please help

    Righty, I`ve been using IPCop and Freenas flawlessly for ages, until recently.

    I`m running low on free space on some of my network shares so thought I`d add a new 400GB Seagate into the mix to lighten things up a little.

    I installed it but whenever I had this `new` drive in the Freenas box all my other mount points showed up as error-retry, I fiddled about with this and that and eventually completely re-installed freenas about 4 times before I finally gave up and shipped the drive back as DOA.

    Now, I`m having different problems that I can`t pin down.

    My IPCop is red, green and orange. Red - DHCP from ISP, green - 192.168.1.x and orange - 192.168.2.x.

    Now If I set up as before all my issues began, I can`t get at my freenas from my green network to my orange, neither can I get at the FTP (inernally or externally) nor do any of my networked drives connect.

    If I change my freenas box address to an address on my green network and shove it into a spare port on my green switch everything works just as before, network shares, admin webgui, ftp - internal and external everything is just as it was, but if I set it back to the way it was with freenas on my orange, it`s a no-go.

    I know my CIFS it right and so is my ftp stuff cuz it all works fine on my green but as soon as I put it in the orange, it`s gone.

    I`m not sure about one thing..... in the network admin page I don`t have a gateway set because if I do set one, I can`t get at the webgui whether it`s on my orange or my green network. I have my ipcop green set to and my dhcp runs from upto 192.168.1.xx (I think it`s like 20 or 30) so that makes my green gateway but if my ipcop orange is and my freenas is shouldn`t my orange gateway be

    Now, my question to all you guru`s of meddling..... WHY?? What am I missing, I`m sure it`s something silly but for the life of me, I can`t think what it is.... please help me out here, I`ve been on this now for 4 days!........
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