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Thread: what the hell is wrong

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    what the hell is wrong


    I am absolutely new to networking world. I have been following CBT Nuggets CCNA series and for my practice I use packet tracer 5.0

    Last week I wanted to make a very simple network topology on my own consisted of two pc's two switches and two routers.

    My problem is that my PC's cant ping each other.
    I have upload the topology at megaupload and I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me what is wrong with the topology .

    Thank you

    Note: By the way where ever there is a need of password, it is "computer"

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    I'm always hesitant to download files from someone I don't know - it's a good way to get hammered by a virus. You might want to provide a less-risky and convoluted way to see the topology. Perhaps just a clear description?

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    Since you are new so let me tell you this. The reason you can't ping is because your windows firewall is "ON" and its blocking ICMP Pings. For testing purposes you can disable and they should ping each other. This applies to PCs connected on a same switch NOT through a router as routers tend to block ICMP Pings.

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