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Thread: What modification are you most proud of?

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    i still have my old school '74 kawasaki mach111 500, 2-stroke triple.
    had the frame raked 7 degrees, bought a 4" longer swingarm, made my own struts.

    motor has fast-by-gast stage1 porting, pistons, carb plates and pipes, 34mm mikuni power jet carbs, undercut transmission, beefy clutch, new crank, ect.

    i was in the process of making a fiberglass tail section for it, but never really finished it.

    i guess all it needs is body work and paint, then it would be finished, i ran it for awhile with my homemade tailsection, but it does look pretty ghetto IMO.

    someday i will finish it and then sell it to a collector LOL

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    Those old triples were insanely quick when they hit the powerband, a friend had one of those when I was younger. After he flipped it over on his head a few times, he put it away. He wanted to give it to me years later but where he set it up the rain was getting in the cracked engine cover.

    Those bikes fetch a pretty good dollar in the collectors market if they are in good shape. Especially the 750ís.
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    I modded a 56 F100.

    I dropped a 390 in it that I build myself.... 428 heads... I had the oil lines in the block modded so I could get a bit more oil flow....

    I had an automatic. Really it was almost a bolt in deal. I took out a 312 Y block....

    I sold it quite a few years ago and damn I wish I hadn't have.
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    I did an image search on that truck. I bet you do wish for it back, thatís a classic American made truck. With a big block at that, I bet that old heavy-ass truck moved.
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    i have an 2007 Yamaha R1 and have Yoshimura exhaust , and some inside tricks lol

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