I have an Arris TN602G cable modem supplied to my by my digital cable
company (Cox).

I have the following devices, which all support access to the Internet.:

Dell PC running Windows XP Professional w/SP3
iMac with OS X 10.5.6
Apple Time Capsule
Sony PlayStation3
Sony XBR9 TV

My house is wired with Cat6 cable which all works perfectly.

When I have either my Netgear GS105 switch or Netgear FM114P router
connected to my cable modem and routing signal through the Cat6 to my house,
then IF the cable modem is connected to the switch/router NONE of my devices
can see each other.

If I do not have the cable modem connected to the switch/router then ALL of
the devices CAN see each other.

I have rest my cable modem and the router (but obviously not the switch).

I have switched everything off and started by switching everything on,
working from the wall outwards (cable modem - switch - computers) and I
still get the same result.

The only answer I get from my cable company is that I need to speak to:
Microsoft (for Windows support); Apple (for OS X support); Netgear (for the
switch/router support); Sony (for the PlayStation3/ TV support); and
Nintendo (for the Wii) support.

Can this be anything other than a problem with the Cable company? It's
late, I'm tired, this problem has been going on for over 4 months and I'm
sure that I have missed out some of the many, many things that I have