My question is: Does it really help in cs 1.6 when u tweak your internet?
I tweaked my internet with both cablenut and tcp optimizer but it feels worse when i play with my internet tweaked. So does it really help my cs 1.6 or is it just that i imagine that i see the other player a little bit slower/later when i have tweaked my internet?

If there are any expert on cs 1.6 plz help me with this too
What rate should i use.. I got 8mbit/1 telia.. But the problem is that i got phone on internet(Our phone uses our internet connection).. So before i had around 18 ping now 38ping. Right now i use rate 20000 cl_Updaterate 101 cl_cmdrate 101 interp 0=0.009. I got choke around 0 but sometimes up to 50.. to lose choke i need to have updaterate like 50..