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Thread: Better wireless card or Antenna?

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    Better wireless card or Antenna?

    Hi speedguide forums, I just registered here today to get the opinion of pros that can help me here haha. Ill get straight to the point, recently I've moved my desktop to my room and it was in the kitchen before about 10-11 meters away from my previous location. Now the problem is I'm getting very slow speeds and my db has gotten down to 2-4 from 26-30. I've looked around and most people suggested that I buy a better antenna but I'm wondering if I should buy a better wireless card? Currently I'm using the TL-WN650G/651G card. So should I just buy a 7DB antenna for better data signals or upgrade my wireless card, the wireless card I'm looking to buy is the Xtreme Dlink wirelesss N card with the PCIe slot.

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    Go with a better antenna, Your range wil be further and shoul dwork out well, before you drop the money for the antenna, check out

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