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Thread: FDC Failure when booting into windows

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    Question FDC Failure when booting into windows

    i need some advice on what this message is... FDc failure when dos boot screen comes up . windows 95 loads up fine but then mouse cursor moves into upper left corner of screen then lock up plus it wont detect mouse after the billyboy GUI has loaded up Ive heard of this message before but i forogt what it refers to if someone could refresh my memory on what this is and how to cure it i would be most grateful

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    FDC stands for floppy drive controller. You might check your ribbon cable connection, make sure it is seated firmly on the system board as well as at the floppy drive. Also if the cable and connector are not "notched", then make sure the cable wasn't plugged in backwards. If you continue getting that error then try another ribbon cable and lastly replace the floppy drive.

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    Chances are the floppy controller of your mobo is toast (sorry).

    Usually if you have a Floppy drive fail or a bad cable or a cable upside down...You will get a "Floppy Drive Failure" message...not a controller error.

    You may want to try flashing your BIOS in a last ditch attempt.


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