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Thread: should I Bridge the modem or Router...?

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    should I Bridge the modem or Router...?

    I have ATT/Yahoo DSL running a SpeedStream 5100 and a Belkin Wireless Router. I recently put the modem in Bridge mode and use PPPOE on the router. My computer connects fine to internet using WiFi or Eithernet cable.. no problems browsing. HOWEVER I notice the "internet" light on the modem does not light. A friend has the same setup but put his Router in Bridge Mode with PPPOE on the Modem and all his Modem lights function. I'm sure reason for my internet light being out on my setup is because my Modem is in Bridge Mode.

    So my question today... Is there an advantage to Bridging the Modem or the Router..???

    The Belkin Router I thought had more security features than the speedstream 5100. I know the Belkin has NAT and ignor Pings. If I put my Router in Bridge mode and PPPOe on the Modem will the router security features still work..?

    What is best setup..? to put Modem in Bridge mode.. or Bridge Mode the Router.. ??????

    Thanks for insight on this matter...

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    2x advantages...

    1- By bridging the ISP supplied gateway/modem, you're eliminating "double NAT". By default they are a little combo modem/router...running NAT. If you put another broadband router behind it, you end up double NATing, and possible having IP range conflicts (if your own router is in the same IP range as the ISP supplied modem/router). Double NAT'ing usually works OK for most internet based stuff, but some apps/games don't like it much, you can get a little performance drop too.

    2- Your own broadband modem may have more features and be of higher performance than the ISP supplied one can provide.

    The internet light on the combo modem/router is just an indicator that the built in PPPoE login is running. If your own router is doing the PPPoE...the light will be out, no worries.
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    Hi and THANKS for the info..
    Per your suggestion.. I decided to bridge router and not the Modem..
    Traffic seemed ok before.. But maybe a little better now.. might just be my imagination though. In any case since I changed back to PPPoE on Modem
    all my modem lights are now functional.. just looks better that way..
    Thanks again for your help..

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