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Thread: Strange Gigabit LAN issue

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    Strange Gigabit LAN issue

    I have PC's networked at my home running RAID arrays, which average above 300 MB/s, so hard drive speed is not a bottleneck to network performance. In short, I am not getting full gigabit (120 MB/s) speeds. Using the onboard NICS (Nvida and Realtek), I am getting around 50-60 MB/s, which really is not that bad. I have a gigabit switch, which supports full jumbo frames. Cat 5e and 6 cable on the network.

    So, I decided to upgrade to some Intel Pro NICs. I could hardly find a negative review on these things as they are supposed to be rock solid. Anyways, I installed these last night in my PC's and the speed actually dropped in half. I updated the drivers from Intel. I have tried every available setting the NICs provide, multiple reboots, and tweaking. I even did a direct connect from PC to PC with a cat6 crossover cable. Jumbo frames, no luck.

    I go back to the onboard NICs, and my speed is back to 50-60 MB/s.

    I am running XP Pro w/ SP2 on one system, and Server 08 on another. I am beginning to think that the operating system(s) are the culprit. Hardware should not be an issue.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Check your RJ45 port on your secondary LAN. Maybe a pin is dodgy . The drivers supplied with the OS should be ok. Might wanna try different cables too just for the same of trial and error.

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