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Thread: I have Multiple Sclerosis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Russell View Post
    Glad to hear it is working well for her. Hopefully it along with the Ampyra will be beneficial for my wife too. Currently walking and exhaustion are her biggest issues. She works in a grocery store and is on her feet constantly throughout the day this includes walking up and down stairs to where the store office is located. Usually by the end of the day she is stumbling along and has to push a buggy to get to the car when she leaves. I cannot count the number of times she has come home in tears. She actually came home one day last week and had to sit down on the driveway because she couldn't walk any further. I didn't know she was even home until one of the boys walked in from school and told me I needed to go help Mommy outside. We have been considering disability, especially since her boss approached her a few weeks ago and asked her if we had ever thought about it. Unfortunately, once we commit to that we are pretty much going to be financially devastated as there is no telling how long it will take and her doctor wasn't very reassuring about her chances of being approved. Very scary situation!!!
    Sounds like we are both in about the same situation. My wife's work is very understanding, and some days she calls in or leaves early. She's been there since they opened (about 8 years) and get sick/vacation time, which she uses when she feels to bad to work. Fortunatley she is not on her feet all day every day, but some days she is.

    I would start looking into disability, even if you are not sure if you are going to use it or not. I heard it takes about 6 months to find out if you are approved or not. Supposedly a good approach to take is talk to your local MS society, they should know local occupational therapists that can evaluate someone for disablity, and they know all the steps to get SSD. That's what I read online somewhere the other day. People are able to get on without the use of a lawyer.
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    So the final word on the Rebif from MS Lifelines is we will have to pay the $500 copay up front and then file it with BC/BS for secondary consideration. So unfortunately it looks like she will be staying on Avonex for awhile.
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    Guys my heart goes out to you and your family. You will be in my prayers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightmare View Post
    My heart goes out to you guys.
    Likewise, I am so sorry to be reading of these developments.

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