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Thread: Is Facebook the new Walmart?

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    Is Facebook the new Walmart?

    MySpace and other social-networking sites, beware: Facebook could squeeze you like Wal-Mart has squeezed mom-and-pop shops across America. Even Internet giants such as Google could lose ground.

    By Michael Brush
    MSN Money............

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    all of these sites are evil..... facebook and myspace suck up too much bandwidth too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sava700 View Post
    all of these sites are evil.....

    Now now, they aren't evil yet. They're just bad, like slums.

    Personally I think google can hold its own.

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    It's sort of a pedo walmart now that I think about it.

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    To be honest I've never seen the reason to have one of those accounts. It's my understanding that more and more advertisements and sales gimmicks are starting to creep in all over those sites. They have to make money somehow.

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    I've met people I have not heard from for years. If your trying to hide, I would suggest not getting facebook. If not, It's awesome. Note : It's best to create an email account just for facebook, cause you will get an email about all the goings on about everything.

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