On Apr 4, 5:39*am, karlen...@excite.com wrote:
> I've frequently noticed my backup program backing up my OE Outbox file
> when
> I haven't been sending anything. (It usually just backs up files that
> have
> changed). Could this be a sign my computer is sending out spam or
> something
> else unauthorized?
> I've just noticed the Outbox file is 7611KB while there's nothing
> waiting in
> the Outbox. I assumed these sorts of spam-sending trojans don't use
> your
> regular email client as that would be a bit obvious, particularly if
> the
> rogue emails showed up as Sent Items! But do they still use the Outbox
> part
> of the program?
> I'm running antivirus & antispyware and have recently done a spyware/
> malware
> scan.
> While typing this a further backup occurred, but the file size still
> reads
> 7611KB.

correct, trojans wouldn't use your OE to send spam, they just use
regular smtp comands.
create a new account, check the outbox folder size - and compare