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Thread: Donating to community food banks

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    Spaghetti bread and rice are not veggies, thats nuetral ground

    And since you aren't talking about abandoning meat then that kills my cheaper argument which is already quite beaten down. lol

    Local meat place around here you can get a huge thing of chicken nuggets for 12 bucks, like 9-10 real servings, not serving size. And for that 3 things of frozen veggies is about 12 bucks as well, but not as much and wouldn't be as filling.

    Purdue and Tyson make some nice precooked chicken as well, can't find a receipt with one on it though, so I don't know how that compares.

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    Grasses, (wheat, barley etc), and blue-green algae, (spirulina, chlorella etc), would also help feed the masses. Both are less costly and more energy efficient to produce, while exceeding the nutritional value of meat and vegetables combined. You can survive on the algae's alone, especially cracked cell chlorella. Despite this people prefer more traditional foods they're accustomed to.

    Either extreme will not work. Farming livestock and vegetables in excess creates a host of other problems. That's where a balance needs to be struck. My cousin is mostly a vegetarian, yet he'll eat meat if he hunts or raises it. Rather than cows he kept buffalo, because they're indigenous to the area, and more eco friendly according to him.

    The matter at hand, now is doing what we can to help out those in need now. Altering our habits with some foresight of it's impact, is a slower long term goal. Who knows, maybe soylent green will be made of algae instead of people.

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