Comfort and peace, I wish you.

Here is a free access....

telnet to on port 2033

About breaking something, do not worry.

username: root


(just hit "enter")

This access is on a Solaris 10 system. That system has 4 CPU's. It is
connected via cable modem. You may, test speeds etc....

To you, I decided to provide root access. Root access, will, help you
to learn.

This is a non-global zone, so, certain features may be not present.

You may, on this system,install packages(install web servers etc),
may, install patches(learn how to patch a Solaris system), you may
install software, etc..... http://sunfreeware.com offers many free
packages....do not hesitate to install any you like.... http://sunsolve.sun.com
offers free Sun patches, try installing some. If you have any
then, to contact me, do not hesitate.

Try to keep connection on, sometimes the connection may, "time
out"....I'm working on fixing it.... Play around with the
system..learn, enjoy..

What I may do to help, let me know. How to connect to the system: You
may, on the dos prompt, type: telnet 2033 (the spaces
between, the word, "telnet", and, "", and, "2033" are

Kartik Vashishta