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Thread: Windows Vista packet loss problem with cable modems

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    Windows Vista packet loss problem with cable modems

    I have ran into atleast 8 computers that are running Windows Vista and people are complaining about the internet is very slow. The first step that I always do is to ping a reliable server such as The computer may get the first 10 pings with no problem but then starts stating that the destination is unreachable. Beside the unreachable statement has the IP of the Vista machine instead of the server that I pinged. I connected my own laptop that I know works to the cable modem and it pings out just fine. I also noticed that my laptop was pulling a different IP from what the Vista machine was giving. Something in Vista is manipulating the IP address. The weird thing is that I can connect the Vista machine to a router, then the Vista machine would ping and surf just fine. Anyone knows what can manipulate the IP address in Vista when it is connected directly to a cable modem?

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    What is the address that is vista is giving? Also do you have sp1 installed if not install it make sure your network car drivers are up to date as well.

    Also try goiong to control panel network and sharring and on every vista connection disable the ipv6 and network discovery stuff in the ocnnection properties atleast the ipv6.
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    Didn't work

    I tried disabling all security features such as any firewalls, antivirus, and disable IPV6. I also disabled all startup programs. The IP address that the Vista machine would pull is something like when it should be something like
    When doing pings to a webserver, it would ping ok for the first few but then it would start pinging itself which is and trigger a destination unreachable. All of these occur with a direct connection to a cable modem but then vista works fine if I connect a router in front of the cable modem.

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    Any chance these are dell computers?

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