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Thread: Hub doesn't lit even if the cables are properly connected

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    Question Hub doesn't lit even if the cables are properly connected

    I am actually planning to do a network for my two computers, however my 8 port hub doesn't lit even if the cables are properly connected, though the power of the hub is well lit so basically there's nothing wrong with my hub. I am not sure if i still need to configure my modem (zyxel), to let my hub working for networking (to let it lit). My modem is actually configured into bridge mode. Now, how can i let my hub working to detect my computers that are connected?

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    Are you planning on sharing an internet connection with these 2 computers? If so, get a broadband router. Most broadband routers have a built in 4 port 10/100 switch, some are even gigabit.
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    Your hub doesnt seem like an auto sensing one thats all

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