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Thread: Slow network preformance question

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    Slow network preformance question

    After a firmware update on my Dlink DGL-4500 I am experiancing slow internal network preformance. (compaired to what it was before the update.) I went from firware ver 1.0.x to ver 1.5, after the slow preformance i downgraded to ver 1.2 but I can not downgrade to the original vertion due to something in the update preventing that far of a downgrade.
    All the systems on the network are gigabit and the wireless systems are 802.11G and 802.11n.

    any known issues or fixes?

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    Hrmmm.. firmware upgrades resolve glitches usually. Check the packet shaping functions added up in the new firmware upgrade. You should take a look at the SPI ( if any ) features enabled.

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