I'm at the end of my rope. I've been using my Dell Inspiron 9300 (XPSP2) for
nearly 3 years without incident. The only change ever made to the laptop is
that which autoupdate delivers- as I call, the "monthly visitor".
After the June Security updates, I lose HTTP connections after about 10 mins
(rebooting brings it back)
Https and FTP still work.
I can ping external- such as www.hotmail.com
MSN Messenger still works.
Network Monitor shows only that the remote server "resets" or refuses the

I am running over a HNS Directway satellite connection. If I dial up over my
modem to PeoplePC, AND vpn into my corp network, then the problem does not
display itself. (Cisco Vpn Client)

It does not make a difference if I run over my wireless router, or plug the
cable into my laptop. It also doesn't make a difference if I drive to
starbucks, and attempt to get online via their TMobile hotspot. Same results.

Running in Safe Mode w/Networking does not display the problem.
System restore to checkpoint earlier than updates fails.

Have run every scan known to mankind- turned off Windows Firewall, Disabled
my Symantec Antivirus and nothing helps.

I've also reset the tcp/ip stack using netsh winsock reset- twice.

The problem began after the first automatic download of June updates. I
suspected KB951376 to be the problem, as it was the only patch (BlueTooth)
that seemed like it could affect my networking. I removed this update, and
eventually ALL of the June updates. The problem went away, then returned.
I went away for the weekend, came back- and autoupdate had lovingly
reinstalled all of the updates for me. My computer restarted on its own
accord, and I was working fine for the rest of the week. Not one to dismiss a
stroke of good luck, I went merrily on my way.
The problem returned on Friday. A check of installed updates showed that the
KB in question was back- only in a V2.
Removed V2, but the problem persisted.
Checked the registry, and found the KB was still installed- Looked again,
and noticed that V2 didn't replace the original KP951376, and it was
installed as well.
Removed it.
The problem still exists.

In summary- No http. Yes https. Yes FTP. Yes Ping. Yes Telnet.

Can anyone offer some advice?