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>I am being very cautious about setting up a home network. I have (from
> a 2wire wireless gateway with a desktop connected by Ethernet and a laptop
> connected wirelessly. Do I need anything else (hardware) to share the
> printers connected to the desktop with the wireless laptop?
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> phlarkincpa

First check to see that both computers are listed under network places.
That should confirm that they're both in the same domain. Then go into
Printers and Faxes under control panel (assuming you're using Windows XP or
Vista) and select the default printer of your desktop. Right-click and
select Sharing. Share this printer on your network. Go into Printers and
Faxes on your laptop and select Add Printer. Browse for a Network Printer
(not Local), select the printer from your desktop which should be the only
one listed and you're good to go.