melcroner wrote:
> I recently upgraded my Dell Optiplex GX620 to Vista OS. My H-P Deskjet 6840
> printer "lost' its connection with the computer. (It worked wirelessly
> before the upgrade from Windows XP.) The printer returns an IP address:
>; the Wanadoo (France Telecom) LiveBox router returns an IP
> address: The printer does not "talk" to the router (or vice
> versa) even with the Ethernet cable connected. The installation disk that
> came with computer will not install on Vista OS. The driver downloaded from
> the h-P site does not install as it cannot find: hpzmsi01.exe.
> I've spent more than three hours "chatting" with H-P's technicians. They do
> not seem able to solve the problem.
> Any ideas?

If you don't have a Vista driver installed, and it sounds like you
don't, any wireless networking issues are secondary to your problem.

You probably should completely uninstall the printer and all related hp
software. Then go to the hp website and download the Vista driver
(which unfortunately comes bundled with hp's bloated software package).
Don't forget to also download the hp "critical update" to prevent
"unexpected unstallation" of your printer.

I don't have experience with Vista, but from what I've seen, you
probably should use the Vista Add Printer Wizard rather than the hp
install routine to install the printer. I would guess that you would
also be better off installing it as a USB-connected printer first, and
then configuring the printer port and the printer itself manually.

For more detailed advice, post your question in

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