Hello all !

First of all, let me say that I am not sure which newsgroup I should
post this message, I am using the shotgun approach, in crossposting
this message to 5 newsgroups, trying to look for the solution to solve
my problem. If this is not the correct newsgroup to post my question,
please accept my sincerest apology.

With the above done, here's my problem.

In the office we use our notebook to access the Net via WIFI. Normal
web operations post no problem. We can go to any site, do anything.
Satisfactory speed too.

Downloading files normally don't post any problem as well. Depending
on the speed originating server (where files are residing), files
normally downloaded without any fuss.

For large files, such as ISO files (680+ MB in size), we often use
download managers to expedite the task. Again, normal file downloading
posts no problem.

However, whenever we try to access file-sharing servers such as
RapidShare or MegaUpload or whatever, things slow down to a crawl, and
sometimes downloads just DIE in the middle.

Since we can't use download managers in downloading files from the
likes of RapidShare, we have no control over how the file transfer
process would be done. Often files would be successfully downloaded,
albeit V_E_R_Y S_L_O_W !!

But many times, the file transfer process slows to such an extend it
just STOPS !! I mean, the thing just grind to a halt in the middle,
and there's no way around it other than re-download the file.

This has been a very frustrating experience.

The WIFI router is LinkSys, we set up according to the owner's manual.
So far, we don't see any weirdness about the router. We have checked
the settings of the WIFI router several times, again, we found no clue
as to what is going on.

BTW, if we use the DESKTOP PC, which is connected to the Net via ADSL,
to download files from RapidShare, the problem of S_L_O_W_N_E_S_S
didn't happen. And ten times out of ten we can download ANY FILE of
ANY SIZE (up to 100MB) from RapidShare without a hitch !

I know that we can use the "sneaker + USB-drive net" to get around the
problem, ie, download the files from RapidShare on the desktop PC,
copy the files to the USB drives, and then transfer the files into our
notebooks. And often times we had to do that, when we are frustrated
enough on the "die in the middle" events.

But all in all, we would preferred that we can find a solution to
solve this S_L_O_W_N_E_S_S problem.

Dear Gurus,

Do you have any suggestion as to how to solve this problem?

Please help !!

Thank you !

PS. All our notebooks run Win XP. The desktop runs Win XP as well.