Steve wrote:
> Laptop, XP Pro, internal wireless adapter. Connects OK - will access eg.
> Yahoo Messenger, can look at other PC going through the same router - BUT -
> will not go to any URL I type in - gives me page not found or suchlike.
> However, it is connected and must get outside the router here to use Yahoo
> Messenger but IE, Firefox and so on, get nowhere. Any thoughts please?

Using IE or Firefox, enter in the address bar. If that
gets you to Google, you may have a problem with your hosts file. See
this from MS-MVP Chuck:

Otherwise, you *may* have LSP/Winsock corruption, which frequently is
caused by malware or by removal of malware. The Winsock Fix application
you mentioned is one of several possible fixes for this. See this, also
from MS-MVP Chuck:

I suggest you read through the entire pages linked above before you
start randomly trying things.

Lem -- MS-MVP

To the moon and back with 2K words of RAM and 36K words of ROM.