I have the latest driver installed.


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> Have you checked if there is a new driver for the wireless? or this cases
> may help.
> Wireless network unavailable Cases
> http://chicagotech.net/netforums/viewtopic.php?t=3616
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>> There is one more thing that I forgot to mention. I also tried turning
>> off the System Tray notification by going into Customize Notifications
>> and selecting the "Always hide" option for the wireless connection icon.
>> However, if I connect to the wireless network that icons gets displayed
>> in the System Tray again, and after doing a reboot I end up right back
>> where I started--with the "Wireless network unavailable" message popping
>> up periodically. In fact, if I go back into the Customize Notifications
>> dialog box I see that the behavior for the wireless connection icon has
>> been set back to it's original value of "Hide when inactive," which by
>> the way does not seem to *actually* hide the icon when the connection is
>> inactive.
>> --Tom
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>>> XP SP2
>>> The wireless network icon in my System tray periodically pops up the
>>> "Wireless network unavailable" message. I know that the wireless
>>> network is unavailable because I have integrated wireless radio turned
>>> off. I'd like to have that message suppressed. Thus far, I've tried
>>> each of the following with a reboot after each change:
>>> 1) Disabled the "Connect when this network is in range" option in the
>>> connection properties, thinking that was causing the computer to look
>>> for the wireless network (to determine whether it is in range or not).
>>> 2) Cleared the "Notify me when this connection has limited or no
>>> connectivity" option.
>>> 3) I found the wireless network connection settings in the registry, did
>>> some Googling on those settings, and found that setting the
>>> IpCheckingEnabled value to zero might fix the problem, but that value is
>>> already set to zero for my connection.
>>> I am still getting the message balloon. It looks like disabling the
>>> connection will do the trick, but I'd prefer to keep it enabled if
>>> possible so that I don't need to go through the extra step of
>>> re-enabling it each time I want to connect wirelessly.
>>> Short of disabling the wireless connection, is there any way to suppress
>>> the "Wireless network unavailable" message?
>>> --Tom